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Belstaff Fall/Winter 2012-2013

They threw his mother to the wolves. He grew up a human among wolves and a wolf among humans. Contempt feeds his pride. Lack of love infuses him with hatred. Scorned by all, Straba scorns them all in turn. He sneers at the elders and disgraces the sacred ancestral sites. He will not bow before men or gods. He’s free like a wolf, like an animal in the woods, but he still has a human heart, and that heart is full of sorrow. Sorrow…


for beasts that like to wear the skin of man while they stir up some trouble.

i. kings of the wild frontier - adam and the ant ii. children of the bad revolution - lana del rey iii. full moon - the black ghosts iv. wolf like me - lera lynn v. you’re a wolf - sea wolf vi. monsters - matchbook romance vii. who are you, really - mikky ekko viii. the wolf - fever ray ix. fresh blood - eels x. u.r.a. fever - the kills xi. kill of the night - gin wigmore xii. diamond dogs - beck xiii. teeth - lady gaga xiv. tear you apart - she wants revenge xv. monsters - hurricane bells xvi. werewolf heart - dead man’s bones xvii. the beast - austra xviii. keep the streets empty for me - fever ray xix. wolves - phosphorescent xx. l’il red riding hood - amanda seyfried xxi. the mob song - beauty and the beast
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by undir-jokli